The Right Size for a Dog Crate

The Right Size for a Dog CrateA lot of dog owners keep looking for high quality dog crates to provide a good living space to their beloved pets. Unfortunately, a lot of dog owners consider crates to be cages. It’s worth mentioning that a dog crate is a good medium to improve your relationship with the dog. Besides providing your dog with a safe, cozy place, a crate also makes it easier to train the dog. If you have a dog, buy now.

While using a crate, destructive chewing isn’t a problem, and housebreaking is easier. In addition to this, travelling with your dog in the crate is efficient and safe. A big problem is that people don’t have a clear idea about the right crate types and sizes. When you’re looking for a crate, you should gather more information about the types and sizes.

What is the Right Size Dog Crate?

A dog crate should always have sufficient space to give the pet ample room to sit, lie down and move around. However, the crate shouldn’t offer excess space. The dog should be able to stand and sit straight without hitting his head on the crate’s ceiling. Moreover, he should be able to stretch his entire body without experiencing any problems.

A common mistake dog owners make while purchasing a crate is to buy a large crate. These people think that they’re doing something special for the dog by buying an extra large crate. It’s important to understand that a dog requires house training. Therefore, your dog should be trained to not use one area for sleeping, and the other for pooping.

Moreover, if your dog’s crate is too large, it won’t provide a sense of safety and security to your dog. This will make your dog uncomfortable and uneasy. He’ll feel like rattling around in unnecessary space. This defeats the purpose of buying a crate. Once you’ve gathered information about the right size crate, you should buy now.