Acceptable Apparel for Dogs that keep Owner and Dog Happy

Many dog owners are into dressing up their dogs. We have seen the super cute images all over social media and the internet at large. Some manufacturers specialize in dog apparel alone! So there is a lot to choose from. However, you may wonder if dogs should wear clothes at all? The answer to that question will be explored below.

Factors to consider before dressing your dog

This is a legitimate question, and it depends on a lot of factors. Dog owners usually dress up small breed dogs like the Pomeranian, Chihuahua and Pugs. Before buying clothes, consider the length of your dog’s hair. Dogs with shorter hair are more amenable to clothes. Also consider your dog’s temperament. At first, your dog may be annoyed by clothing. However, some dogs settle quite easily into it if they are comfortable. A dog should never be forced to wear clothing! The temperature outdoors should also be a top consideration. If it’s hot outside and you are planning to take your dog for a walk. Clothing may not be the best idea. The dog could easily become overwhelmed by the high temperatures.

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What is acceptable apparel for your dog?

I am sure you have seen it all when it comes to dog apparel. T Shirts, tutus, complete costumes just to name a few. However, are all of the options appropriate? I would stay away from costumes and outfits that cover your dogs entire body. This might make your pet feel overwhelmed and raise his or her body’s temperature significantly. A comfortable fitting T shirt is always a good option. A sweater can also be worn in cold temperatures. The key is not to go too over the top, because the more elaborate the garment, the more uncomfortable. Of course not all the garments that dog’s wear are frivolous and for the entertainment of its owner. A tactical dog harness is one such article of clothing that actually serves a purpose. So tactical dog harness – acceptable apparel for your dog.

When should you get a tactical dog harness for your dog?

A tactical dog harness is a vest like garment that service dogs, police or military dogs, hunting dogs or emotional support dogs use. They are extremely comfortable and functional. They allow the dog’s owner to have maximum control of the dog. They often allow the dog to be able to carry supplies like medicine, water and bait. It also tell those around you that your dog is not a pet but a working dog if people want to approach to pet them.

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The key consideration when considering acceptable apparel for your dog is their health and their comfort. They should never wear anything that endangers them or puts them at risk. Your dog’s well-being and safety always comes first.